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Gallery Folders

Worldmap Ardanea by Aeyolscaer
Ornamental Compass-Roses ressource pack by Feivelyn
Harlasea - Grymnar by SirInkman
Torment Map by MarkonPhoenix
Rock Walls - Free RPG Map Tile Pack by Lokistics
Rivers - Free RPG Map Tile Pack by Lokistics
Pine trees photoshop brushes for maps by Mimine09
Tree Tops Photoshop Brushes for maps by Mimine09
Escaflowne: Complete Map of the Explored Gaia by KyndredRaven
The 4th of Mapvember : The Landing by thomrey81
Zze Tha by hobbit-fulger
Alderia by Mehetabel
Kelleemah map of Batiskakna by CharlesWayneRobinson
Kelleemah map of Vangar by CharlesWayneRobinson
Kalor by MaximePLASSE
Af-Kanari Temple Complex by SirInkman
Mesirias Estate - Family Crypt (Coloured Version) by Talwyn
Hel, Land of the Dead by stratomunchkin
Lair of the Icewing Clan (2016) commission by GLangGould
Real World
Central Europe: 1941 by zalezsky
Central Europe: First Vienna Award by zalezsky
EARTH World Map Blueprint Poster by EverHobbes
European pigmentation map by Arminius1871
Port Rubrum by CharlesWayneRobinson
Space station by Shogoth64
Aethera RPG Map by FrancescaBaerald
Tanarsus World Map by DawnofVictory2289
Town and City Maps
Fantas city Andrahar by MarkAnt0ny
Northgard by butterfrog
The Town (FR) by theSuricateProject
The Village of Gifrsvida by CharlesWayneRobinson
Alternate Earth
The Anglothieran Kingdom in 1900 (Alt. history) by ZalringDA
Republic of Japan by zalezsky
The Holy Frankish Empire by Arminius1871
Agricultural Regions of the Northwest Territories by StrathconaBooster
Ship floor plan by mewkg
Troll Mountain by ricsnodgrass
Minotaur's Labyrinth by ricsnodgrass
Skull and Bones RPG 1916 set by MaximePLASSE




Hello everyone. Recently, I've noticed an increasing amount of submissions to what I would consider the wrong gallery folder. So far, I've just moved the maps to the right folders, but it would of course be great if everyone puts their maps in the right gallery themselves. Even though we've changed the name 'Alternate World' to 'Alternate Earth', there still seems to be some confusion about what kind of maps should be in which folders. I hope therefore that this overview clears up any confusion there might be about where to submit the maps to. If anyone has different ideas about what fits where, please comment and we can decide what definition fits best, as this is my personal interpretation.

This is the folder for all resources which can be used to make maps. Think about tutorials, brushes, textures, map items, etc.

This folder is meant for maps depicting an entire fictional world. The definition of 'world' can change of course, but generally this folder is meant for maps which show all of some world and not just parts. This folder is not meant for maps of our own Earth, they can be submitted to Real World.

This folder is meant for maps depiction region of a fictional world, most maps fall into this category. Again, maps depicting a region of our own Earth can be submitted to Real World.

This folder is meant for all maps which have a tactical/game purpose. The main example are dungon maps, but also floor plans of castles and towns with a grid can be found in this folder.

Real World:
This folder is meant for all maps depicting a truthfull version of our own Earth, be it historical or of the present. They can either be of the entire world or just of regions. Remember that this group is meant for original maps, so a scan of an atlass will still not be accepted ;).

Science Fiction:
This folder is meant for maps depicting a future world or region, this will include most space maps (except those which are a realistic version of the world as we now know it ;) )

Town & City Maps:
This folder is for all maps depicting fictional human settlements, so from villages to large cities.

Alternate Earth:
This folder is meant for maps of alternative versions of our own earth. In practice, these will mostly be alternate history maps, so if you have an alternate history map, this is the folder to submit to. Maps of any purely fictional region/world which are not meant to depict a place which was originally historically real can be submitted to Regional or World, not to this folder.

This folder is for any map which doesn't fit any of the descriptions above. If you believe this to be the case, you can submit to this folder. Examples are a map of a Wyvern lair, a map of a ship and a map of a tide pool.
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ebturner Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I've still not received a reason why my map was rejected. It is not a scan of a atlas. It is original work and I created one similar to it for 1914 Europe.

I spent probably 1 month working on it.…
STGames Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Your map was rejected because it received four votes rejecting it before it received four votes accepting it. There are thirty-one staff who can vote on submissions here and each one has their own way of determining whether or not to accept a submission. We have no rules governing this and leave it to each person to decide for themselves. We don't hold them accountable for their votes and we don't require them to justify their reasoning.

Your other map was likely accepted because four different people voted to accept it first. That does not guarantee a similar map will be accepted.

Personally, I would not have voted to accept what appears to be a very basic manipulation of a Google Earth screenshot. I'm sure you put a good deal of research into it and recreating the borders of that era was probably time-consuming. However, the bulk of the work in terms of pixel-count is not your own, and the work you did do isn't very interesting aesthetically or representative of artistic talent or technical skill. I know there are many such maps in the Real World and Alternate Earth folders, but I typically do not vote to accept them. I don't know why those four people voted how they did, however, and I likely never will because I'll never ask.

Hopefully this answered your question.
ebturner Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
While I disagree with your standard of voting, I certainly appreciate your honesty and time in answering my question. 

I've seen many a map or other "cartographic" representation here that should not be here that were less aesthetically pleasing than mine. But that's neither here or nor there.

Thanks again.

P.S. For the record. There's quite a bit more to it than "basic manipulation". The final jpeg was certainly simple. But to enjoy the actual item, one should download the kmz file and use it in Google Earth. But unless you do that, you'll never know.
LonewandererD Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2016
Probably rejected because most of it is blank

ebturner Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
What's blank? Please be more clear and specific in your criticism. Thank you.
mickdude2 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2016  New Deviant
Hello! I was wondering if anyone here was open to commission?
Oseviel Featured By Owner Aug 18, 2016  Student General Artist
I have a few questions for the guild. I hope some veterans can help out this noob. I know the questions are up to "tastes" but your advice regardless would be incredible!

1. For fantasy literature/settings (D&D etc), how far do you guys think on realism when map making? Do you think readers/players will care much if the world isn't ultra realistic?

2. For fantasy literature/settings hand drawn maps would it be too much to represent, say the mountains and rivers, in a way that does not reflect their actual sizes in the content? I suppose I mean "artistically dramatize" the sizes of them (some bigger than they are and some smaller than they are).

3. Do you have any tips on hand drawn maps? Like what should be avoided so it doesn't look too technical/digital, such as jaggy coastlines or whatnot?

I of course thank you all for any time and help!
STGames Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I don't think realism really matters so long as things are close enough that suspension of disbelief is possible. I chase it for my own reasons. For me, it's all about the escapist entertainment of worldbuilding that most people will get from the actual story or campaign.

It's common to dramatize the scale of important features in a map used for illustrative purposes.

torstan runs an amazing blog full of tips that apply to both hand illustration and digital cartography, you can find it at
Oseviel Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016  Student General Artist
Thank you for the comment STGames. I really appreciate it. :)

That's a relief to hear. And as for the features answer and the link, thank you yet again!There are a lot of tutorials/examples on mountains and coastlines, which is exactly what I need!
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